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We Care…Beyond Gangway

VINMWA…is first and Foremost Welfare Association for Indian Naval Medical Veterans.
Your past service in the Naval Medical Branch in any Rank is your passport to Membership of the Association that works hard for you ,your family and for underprivileged Society
Jai Hind 🙏🇮🇳🙏




Aim And objective

(a) To provide a platform to interact with each other among the Veteran Naval Medicals, which shall be a secular and non-political body.
(b) To provide an independent structure to address and discuss the issues pertaining for resettlement and bringing up social and cultural life in civil society for Indian Naval Medical Veteran.
(c) To focus attention among the WIDOWS and the dependents of Medical Veterans for welfare related issues namely children’s education, post retirement benefits and the legitimate entitlements from central Government and state Government etc.
(d) To provide and interface with IHQ/MOD (Navy), DESA, NAVPEN, DGR, ECHS for employment of medical Veterans and with local Govt agencies for betterment of the members of the ASSN.
(e) The association may extend its professional skill and services towards creating awareness and organizing medical CAMPS, blood donation camps etc with defense and civil organization for poor and needy.
(f) The ASSN may raise funds to achieve Aims and objectives of the forum by appeal to the union and state Govt, General public and other institutions for contribution, Gifts and donations or any other in legally legitimate manner.
(g) The ASSN shall function as social and welfare oriented and not as profit oriented and the funds of the ASSN shall be utilized for the furtherance of objectives.
(h) No member of ASSN shall have any personal claims on any movable or immovable property of the ASSN by virtue of his membership.



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Veteran Surg VAdm Sushil Kumar

Veteran Surg Cmde Aloke Banerjee
Saurya Chakra


Veteran Commander Rajinder Kumar Sonkhla
Honorary President


Veteran Wilfred B harry



Veteran Dr. Chandra Shekhar P
National Convener VINMWA



Veteran Dinesh Puri Goswami
Vice President



Veteran Dr. Bimal Kant Nautial
General secretary



Veteran Krishna Kumar Yadav
Joint General Secretary



Veteran Ramesh Kumar saini



Veteran Mahesh Chandra Sharma
Joint Treasurer


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